Stomp Out Violence March – is a march that was started in 2011 to ignite a movement of change in the community. Violence in the black community is becoming a familiar phenomenon, and the reaction has been reduce to RIP t-shirts and tattoos to honor the victims. There is no outcry in the community and no one addressing the need for a remedy. The march is designed for all families, community leaders, clergy, and organizations to come together to demonstrate our pain and raise awareness of the need totake ownership of our community. The march occurs on Memorial Day, and this day is so ideal because as we walk, we are remembering our loved ones who have fell victim to violence, this give us more ammunition to continue until there is Peace in our Streets. We start with a prayer, each participant grabs hand, it is important to begin on one accord,one mind, and one goal. We walk throughout the community, chanting “STOP THE VIOLENCE, SAVE OUR STREETS”. When we arrive back at the starting point, we assemble for a peace rally. Organization leaders, clergy, and city officials speak during this time discussing upcoming events and programs that they sponsoring in the community. It is important to give the citizens an alternative, or a solution to avoid violent situations.